Yes, as we can begin to notice that the number of people wearing shorts on our footpath is rapidly diminishing we accept that Autumn is indeed in full swing. Autumn brings with it a drop in temperature (although this year it had dropped some time ago) and leaves begin to fall form the trees. I have never really accepted that there is generally more rain in the winter months than the summer months but there might be a subtle difference. These weather factors have significant impacts on your home so best to have a quick look around and prepare yourself for the winter months ahead.
Here are our top 10 tips
Boiler; You are advised to have your boiler serviced annually by a qualified boiler Serviceman (this is not necessarily a plumber though he/she may specialise in this area) Faulty boiler can be dangerous particularly old one
Radiators; Radiators if fitted in your home should be checked for leaks (rustCopper oxide (green) showing at pipe valve connections.
Radiators should also be checked to ensure they heat fully or they may need to be bled. This is a simple procedure once you purchase a rad key form your hardware shop.
Vents; As you will undoubtedly have your heating on for extended periods it is important to ensure your vents (window or Wall) are in good working order and free form debris. This is important to ensure you maintain a level of fresh air in the house whilst the heating system is operation.
Smoke/Carbon Monoxide Alarms; These alarms should be checked particularly in winter months as you are using your heating system and therefore more energy is being used in your house.
Rodents; are there any external holes in the house which could allow ingress of rodents. Rodents are now seeking warm refuge and food during the winter months.
Roof Slates; Check to ensure that all slates are in place, are in a true line and that al the caps on the ridge are securely fitted and pointed. Storms will certainly test theses areas.
Gutters; Autumn leaves and wind have a negative effect on gutter either filing them or displacing them. Once the leaves have fallen form neighbouring trees check your gutters to ensure they are lear and true.
Trees; In heavy storms tress have been known to fall on houses (I have seen this happen!!) Check to ensure neighbouring trees are a safe distance form your house. If you are in any doubt consult a tree surgeon.
Burglar Alarms; Finally, we shod not forget that the long nights mean burglars have more time to break in to your house. Check to ensure your alarms are in good working order and service.
Wrap up and take care out there!