When looking at a prospective site for your new home it is best to take into consideration some important factors that will determine the cost and characteristics of your new home.

Is the site flat or slopped? A slopped site will be more expensive to site a house on as there will be more design and foundation detail involved which is an expensive construction process.

Is the site in the town-land or in the countryside? A site near a town may have access to the town sewer drainage and mains water system whereas a rural site may require a treatment unit or well.

What direction is the site facing? Have you a view you want to feature? The sun rises in the east and sets through south in the west. Generally your house would ideally face north with the back garden facing south to ratain the most natural daylight. Specific sites may require a variation of this theme.

How far away is the nearest main road? The farther away the more driveway you may need to build but the more private the house will eventually be.

Are there trees nearby? Mature trees are a great natural feature and can add value to your site but trees too close to your house can rob daylight and cause nearby ares of your house to go green due to algae growth. Trees can also cause a hazard in stormy conditions.

If possible visit the site after heavy rain. How does it drain? Does water lag near the surface afterwards? This may be costly to drain afterwards to protect your new house and garden. Most sites look good in the sun!

Do you have a view of the sea? The ultimate for many prospective home owners but remember most storms are greatest at the coast and saline (salt water) moisture in coastal winds attacks some metals so stainless steel products may be required.

Is there rock visible at the surface? Your foundations may require for this rock to be broken out to make way for concrete footings. This is an expensive process called rock breaking.

Do you have two lovely old stone pillars at the road edge? Beware these may not suit your new entrance due to road sighting requirements or ease of access with modern cars.

Again the town land v’s the country will influence what you can get planning for as city and county councils differ in their planning approach. The published guidelines offer design direction in this regard.

Best of luck on your exciting new venture!