Are you looking to begin a renovation or new home build this year? What features are trending and why? We have taken a look at the current features and trends and have compiled a list of what is currently popular in house design at the moment.



Window Colour

grey window design colour

 For many years people have favoured the dark grey as seen numerous times on Room to Improve, customers are now beginning to look at alternatives. Light grey and even pale grey/green tones are fast becoming popular colours for windows.


Heating your home

With the renewed focus on Sustainable Energy of late people are opting away from fossil fuels. It has to be said that the wood pellet boilers haven’t really taken off but air to water heating systems are a real winner in terms of efficiency and energy rating are becoming very popular with new builds.


Triple Glazing

As the cost of triple glazing window systems is coming down many people are opting for this option in new home builds or indeed retrofits. The benefits of triple glazing are reduced noise levels externally and increased thermal efficiency internally.

Laminate Flooring

laminate flooring

There was a time when the default timber flooring for a house was engineered. Today most people are now opting for high-quality laminate flooring where the quality in may cases exceeds engineered flooring with greater durability and often more competitive pricing.

Timber Flooring in the Kitchen

With the advent of improved durability of laminate flooring, customers are now opting in many cases to place laminate flooring in their entire living space including their kitchen. Many laminates are now splash-proof and can deal with the rough and tumble of life as a kitchen floor.


Simple Colours

The aubergines shades have faded into the distant past. We find most people are again opting for off whites generally creating a bright, airy pallet that can be further enhanced by carpets, furniture and artwork.


High-Quality Laminate Kitchen Worktops

kitchen design

Again the amazing developments in laminate technology has brought with it an amazing array of high-quality kitchen laminate worktops.

There is a myriad of styles, colours and textures available offering tremendous value and durability.


There has traditionally existed a two-tier market when it comes to patio paving; Concrete or natural stone with a huge difference in price from one to the other. However, neatly in the middle, there is a growing array of reconstituted stone paving products which are simpler to lay and offer a fine aesthetic at a reasonable cost.


Stonework Cladding

stonework cladding

Further improvements in Stonework cladding has meant that we have moved beyond the ‘stick on stone’ products of recent times into a more authentic array of quarried stone cladding which is in effect the same end product as a natural stone wall which can be adhered to a block-wall directly which saves on stone, labour and foundations.



There have been various trends in terms of what hardwood is the flavour of the month or indeed year but it has to be said the only hardwood that seems to be standing the test of time is the humble Oak. The trick in using hardwood or indeed any such feature is consistency but balance. Too little and it has no real meaning, too much and it becomes imposing.

So, plenty of new ideas and design trends in house design to choose from but remember, nothing beats a simple and timeless design. A new trend can be wonderful in the beginning but only time will tell if it continues to offer real design value in the future.


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