Step no 1

Get the light right!

I like to see a window facing east throwing light into the works area of the kitchen. This ensures that when you come down to make breakfast in the morning the preparation is washed with sun-light. There is something chic about having breakfast at an island so this will benefit from much of this illumination too.

Rule 2

Connect with the dining space

Kitchens have now become a casual hang-out space, the hub from which all home life emanates. For this reason it’s great to have related rooms within reach, to allow the activities to spill over into these areas. A dining area is ideal for this, you can serve with ease to this area and it offers more formal seating as a compliment to the island.

Rule 3

Connect the Sun Room.

The sunroom has become the vital link between the kitchen/dining area and the garden. In winter it may only allow you to view the garden whereas in summer it leads to it. The sunroom is where you retire to once the formality of the dining area is over. Where you can relax and muse. Ideally the dining area would face south or south west allowing for great light in the evening when you come back home form work.

Rule 4

Enjoy the dishes!

Always place a window at the sink location if possible. Doing the wash-up can be a mundane chore. It is certainly made much more bearable when you have access to a pleasant view of the outside.

Rule 5

Gas or electric?

If you have Masterchef potential you will almost certainly demand a gas hob. Gas generally allows for far greater control especially when frying or searing. As a general rule an electric oven allows you to set a timer (especially handy for slow-roasting) ideal if you need to pop out for an hour.

If you are introducing gas let us know early as it would have to be provided for early in the building foundation process. Electrical provisions are much later in the project.

One more bit of advice; buy a mid range kitchen. It’s probably the single most important investment in the house after the windows.

Bon Apatite!