A recent client of ours, who works in planning, touched a nerve when she tweeted how frustrated she was with the quality of house plans being submitted in our countryside. She lamented that these houses plans would have been better drawn-up by good architects. We fully agree..

How were these house plans drawn-up I always wondered? Did someone contact a designer saying I need some plans for my house and the designer merely drew a rectangle on a page and said there you go, lets carve that up now and see how we can fit a kitchen, a living room, a long hall, three bedrooms and a bathroom? ..I can’t see how else it could have happened!

Form follows function.. Ideally before any house plans are drawn up the designer needs to understand the ideal living patterns of a client. This should be plotted on the house plan and an envelope drawn around the resulting pattern, neatly packaged up and themed to create the bespoke new home. This is the work of a good architect.

Take one step further back. Lets agree a budget and lets introduce project management to ensure the drawing of these house plans is tailored to the clients budget. This is when these house plans translate into a new home that stands the test of time in both form and function.