Your new home starts with you!

The key to a great design is the time spent before any drawing is done, getting to know you and your family and how you live at home. Your ideal design merely frames this, as the picture develops. Your new home should be designed to enhance your wellbeing and lifestyle.

The heart of your new home is your living space. The living space starts with the kitchen, the hub of your home, from which all home life eminates. Gone are the days when a kitchen was used for cooking and washing-up. It is clearly a functional area but now also provides for casual socialising and entertaining. We need to connect seamlessly to the dining area and lounge, allowing them connect to your back garden for outdoor living when weather permits. Once this dynamic is achieved, all the other pieces fall quickly into place.

Form follows function. We seek to ensure rooms flow effortlessly into one-another and that these rooms are basked in morning, afternoon or evening light as the day unfolds. We ensure you have adequate storage and utility space and of course that you have bedrooms and bathrooms as you see you need them.

The last task is to see how we can bring all this together into a beautiful form and to theme it so it catches the eye and captures the imagination. Your new home must be an expression of the values you hold whilst sympathetic to your neighbourhood and locality.