This week in the Examiner, Kieran McCarthy of KMC Homes provides advice on ensuring you get the foundations of your home build right.

Q. My builder is laying the foundations of my house today. What is the next thing for me to research, decide, or get a quote for?

A. This is indeed a great question and quite unlike the usual questions I get which is exciting. In my day job I run a design and build company and as such, outside of our responsibility to build a new home for our clients, we also have to bring them along on the journey with us as smoothly and efficiently as possible.

They are, of course, busy with their own home and professional lives so there is a very limited amount of time and energy they have available for their new build so we have to get it right first time. So, where to start?

You mention that you have a builder on board so I am assuming that you have a main contractor and that he/she will have all the key trades in place (blocklayers, roofers, plasterers, etc) so what responsibilities rest on you are the client choice items (or selections as we call them).

At the stage of having poured your footings the next big stage will be pouring your ground floor slab. This may sound like a simple stage but in truth it is one of the biggest milestones on your project so let’s start here. In this slab, much of your plumbing and indeed heating choice and locations are now set in stone (literally).

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