KMC at Self Build 2018

Hear Kieran McCarthy from KMC Homes speaking about the benefits of Design & Build for your new home.

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Finding the Best Site

Searching for your Ideal Site!!

The start of a new year is the best time to start your search for the best site to build your perfect home from the ground up. Watch KMC Homes first blog of the new year where Kieran discusses what you need to consider in selecting the best site.

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Timber Frame Homes

Timber Frame Houses! What you need to Know!

Timber frame is one of the oldest construction methods. A timber-frame house, when well designed, specified and built to building regulations, is as durable as a block-built house. Advances in design and technology and greater awareness of energy performance have made timber frame the preferred construction for many industry professionals.

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Planning Permission in the Countryside

Understanding Countryside Planning Permission


Planning Permission is a critical factor in building a home in Ireland. Looking at your site, what are the most important things you need to consider to give yourself the best chance for getting the planning permission? Kieran McCarthy, Design & Build Director KMC Homes, has some very valuable tips for you in our newest Vlog. Follow us on Facebook @kmchomes and please subscribe to our YouTube channel Kieran@KMCHomes!

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House Foundations

Importance of House Foundations

The foundations are the most important part of the build structure, the one that could cause severe problems in the future with your build, if not done properly. Kieran has some interesting and valuable advice prepared for you in this KMC Homes Vlog!

The History of Sunrooms in Ireland

Sunrooms in Ireland

Sunrooms can be very beneficial for your home and all who live in it. Not only can they add space and room to grow, but they also boost your property value and give you more enjoyment out of your home in the long run.