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Some time ago there was a revolution in kitchen design, the arrival of the breakfast bar (peninsula) thus beginning the advent of the social kitchen. This which was soon upgraded to the “island”. Along with a walk- in wardrobe the island has now become a ‘must have’ in most new homes, but this brings with it the dilemma.. what to put in the island? Nothing, a hob or the whole kitchen sink?

Some time ago we posed the question on social media and we got mixed results. Everyone agreed something should go in but the hob and sink camps were fairly evenly matched.

Personally we have nothing on our island and we have found that the lack of focus means that it inevitably becomes cluttered with envelopes, magazines, newspapers and the like (ie a dumping ground). Would I do it differently next time? I certainly would.

In favour of the hob: you can cook on the island creating a dynamic and social cooking environment. Perfect for all you foodies out there!
The downside: splatters etc whilst cooking could be difficult/hazardous to deal with. A cooking environment means that the island is perhaps no longer ideal for sharing with children’s homework and the like.

In favour of the sink: you have a focus on the Island and the hazards of cooking splatters can be avoided.
The downside: you need to keep up to speed with your wash up otherwise your dirty dishes are on display for all to see.

Who’s right? Only time will tell. Kitchen designs are constantly evolving as families mature and lifestyles change.

What do you think?