Building a Modern Classic

There was a time when building a new home was simple. You had few enough choices: 3 bed or 4? Slate or tile? Tarmac or gravel?


Things have moved on a lot since then. The Celtic Tiger saw the dawn of architects being employed in a wide variety of domestic building projects for house design. With this came a new and (at the time) exciting departure into the world of zinc, cedar, limestone paving, Valentina slate and other high-end contemporary finishes. This trend brought us into the age of the ‘grey windows’ and the infamous flat roofs made a ‘luke warm’ return to the Irish house design landscape. Initially this would have been a cutting edge proposition but it has since become the mainstream (default) option.


The world had changed utterly since then, most notably in the world of economics (the money in your pocket/bank account). We have moved from an era of no-frontiers economics to the verge of world economic collapse and now finally heading in new direction of cautious optimism.


The question now is; is contemporary minimalistic house design still relevant or do we need a change? After-all house design has in the past reflected the surrounding economic landscape. Our economy has gone to hell and back so what will happen to our architecture?


We believe a new house design style is emerging, which looks back as well as forward. We believe in connecting with our roots and classical architecture whilst applying the simplicities and efficiencies of modern design. We call it the ‘Modern Classic’ whereby a classical house design theme is given an upgrade in terms of modern internal specialial design and finishes bringing it into the 21st century. 


Perhaps it allows us to breath new relevance and life into past architectural forms and classical lines.. learning from the past whilst living in the present.