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Answers to some frequently asked questions on new home builds and home redesign and extensions from KMC Homes, the Home Design & Build experts.
Surely It would be better to have a separate Architect/Engineer if something went wrong?
On the surface this would appear to be correct. However if something went wrong you as client would be caught in the middle between the architect and the builder wondering who is in fact responsible for the issue. Was it designed incorrectly or not built correctly? The benefit of design & build is that one company is responsible for both elements so if something goes wrong you are in a much stronger position and your warranty & Fixed Price contract will expressly state this cover.

Imagine if when your car broke down you had to contact the designers and the manufacturers separately to see who was at fault and who was going to fix it..

What about insurance and safety?
Safety of all those who work on our sites is our uppermost concern. All our people have safe pass certs, are safety inducted on every site and we hold monthly safety management meetings to monitor and progress safety throughout the company.

We operate a zero tolerance attitude to breaches of company safety regulation with a ‘three strikes and your out’ policy.

Does this turnkey service end up costing me more?
No, in fact there are generally savings when compared to the traditional model. Design risk is eliminated and there are reduced design team fees due to reduced overlaps with KMC Homes’s own in house consultancy team.
How does KMC certify completed work?
As our certifiers are independent we can certify all completed works and payment valuations to your bank as required. Indeed we have made representations to banks in this regard. They are clearly relieved we are taking full responsibility for the project budget.
How do I know I am getting value at all times?
  • We reduce design team fees (when compared with the traditional architect led model)
  • We ensure your project remains firmly on budget
  • We offer a fixed price contract
  • We absorb the design risk
How do I know I’m getting the building work at a competitive price?
Once all the design is complete we run off a detailed bill of quantities. This is an extensive document often running up to upwards of 50 pages. We detail all the PC sums where you have complete control over the figures spent (windows, plumbing, electrics etc) and the builder work element. We facilitate any level of transparency to give you comfort all our Costings are competitive in the market.
How much does all this Project Management Cost?
When compared to the traditional design team fee structure our process is considerably cheaper and better value. All aspect of the design are managed to ensure that the building of your new home reminds on budget with our ‘No Extras Promise’. We have eliminated much of the overlaps inherent in the traditional model.
If this Design & Build Model is so good, how come we haven’t heard of it before?
Design and build is very popular in New Zealand, Australia, United States, Canada and to a slightly lesser extent United Kingdom. These countries have a more sustainable economy and a generally a better housing stock to that found in Ireland.

In fact much of the mistrust in Ireland of builders is a function of the traditional building model where variations etc are the norm.

Surely getting several builders to price the drawings would save me money?
When several builders price a tender drawing as a general rule there is one high price (the builder who doesn’t want the job) one low price (the builder who has either made a mistake of found the error on the drawings) and a pack of one or two more in the middle. Going with the cheapest price means working with a builder who is under pressure to recoup his loss and the project suffers. This process forces the tendering builders to price for minimum construction standards and to interpret the drawings in a way that benefits their lowest tender price.

In addition, there are considerably higher design team fees along with numerous variations that arise at the end each month as the design risk passes to the client. These (often contentious) variations can delay the project and cost additional money that wasn’t budgeted for.

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