This week in the Examiner, Kieran McCarthy of KMC Homes discusses the best type of windows you should buy for your home build or extension.

When it comes to windows there is certainly a wide bandwidth of choice available both in terms of window type and, indeed, design. Like most other aspects of construction much of this consideration comes down to what budget you have at the end of the day and, indeed, your taste.

When looking at windows, they fall into a variety of categories and it should be remembered that they will all comply with the same performance regulations as a rule so let’s consider them one by one.

PVC windows are broadly the most cost-effective window solution for your home. They have principally replaced the timber windows we would have grown up with (I remember painting my grandparents’ windows during my summer holidays as a child) and they are very popular as they offer both a low maintenance and a good value solution.

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