This week in the Examiner, Kieran McCarthy of KMC Homes discusses the question of whether to rebuild or renovate?

I get asked this quite a lot and is a tricky one to answer. I once heard from a client that he asked an architect this question and they were told that if you are even considering this (and if you have the budget for a new build) then you should knock the house and rebuild. In truth, I feel the answer runs a little deeper than that, and it really depends on the back story, let me explain.

First of all, if yours is a period house (old Irish cottage, arts and crafts city-dwelling, Victorian townhouse, Georgian country manor) then it’s a definite renovation project where you are looking to connect with the history and style of the era and in many cases what you add (if anything) will likely be very sympathetic to the original. In fact, this may very well be the reason you bought the house in the first place.

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