This week in the Examiner, I answered a readers question looking for building advice on what is the difference between an architect and an engineer

This is a great question and it demonstrates an issue I have always found with the construction industry. It has become too specialised where the end-user/client is left to research and learn what all the different trades and professionals do to have some chance of navigating through these disciplines and setting up a team for their building project. In truth, this is one of the few industries where this is the case. Let’s consider the key parties and what they bring to the table.

An architect’s primary role in a project such as yours would be spatial and elevational design and indeed planning permission if required.

Architects can also assist with most building regulation compliance but not all regulations so an engineer would also be required too.

An engineer may very well be experienced in planning permission but will likely bring less to the table in terms of creative use of space, but they can sign off on the remaining building regulations with particular reference to structure, though it’s likely they’ll need the assistance of some further third party suppliers/consultants.

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