This week in the Examiner, Kieran McCarthy of KMC Homes discusses how to treat your waste water.

In this article, we show the importance of why you need to give this issue careful consideration and seek professional engineering advice. If you have one of the following questions below, you will find this article informative.

  • We have no wastewater network connected to our site, do we need a septic tank?
  • What are the various wastewater treatment systems available?
  • Are there big differences between each system?

Wastewater treatment is a crucial consideration when deciding on your site location, so let’s provide a little background to what wastewater treatment is, the different options available, and how these relate to your particular site choice.
 The key elements to consider include:

  • Types of wastewater
  • Choosing a Septic tank or a treatment unit
  • Connecting to Irish Water

View full article in The Examiner here.




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