​Turnkey Building & Project Management

We guarantee your project will finish on time, on budget with no hidden costs.

Everything You Need Under One Roof


*Architect Design

Bespoke architectural design unique to your needs and specifications and outline budget alignment of your new home. View details on our architect design services.

Planning Permission

Percolation test, topographical survey, pre-planning meeting, virtual walkthrough video, detailed estimate.


Project Management

We assign you a dedicated project manager and you enter our market-leading project management software. We assist in windows, kitchen, bathroom, stairs, paving and electrical design.


Building & Finishes

Our market-leading build quality & customer service. Your new home finished on-site including Kitchen, tiles, floors, bathroom ware, custom stairs, painting, patio driveway, topsoil grading

Building a new home in Cork or Limerick?

The KMC Homes Project Management service ensures all the essentials of your project are looked after leaving you to enjoy the journey. We understand that some clients are very interested in building and some have too many other obligations (work, young children, elderly parents, etc.) You can be as involved, or otherwise, as you are comfortable with.


We Look After Everything For You Including:

  • Co-ordination of all parties and involved in the build project from start to finish.
  • Managing all the people in the design process to ensure all drawings shown to you are costed in advance by our QS and are within budget.
  • Providing you with our dedicated management team for your build.
  • Managing and submitting your planning application for you.
  • Advising you and facilitating your selection choices (renewables, windows selection, stairs design, joinery spec, paving spec, hard landscaping detail, tile selection, floors selection and so on).
  • Providing you with access to our unrivalled project management smartphone app.
  • Our (external) Engineer will certify your works as they proceed and deal with your solicitor regarding your mortgage draw-downs.
  • We facilitate any applicable grants to ensure you can avail of all these savings.

Note: we also for include site survey, 3D Modelling, maps, newspaper adds, percolation test and all the other required items (again a full service). We also offer a 3-year design and build warranty find out more here.

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Recent Projects

Limerick house builder design

Ballingarry, Limerick

A wonderful modern bright and airy design with different architectural forms allowing a break from the living and sleeping quarters.

Blackrock villa

Blackrock Villa

A modern classic which blends classical styling with modern technology.
Rathmore lawn

Rathmore Lawn

A wonderful private house in Douglas,Cork for a family returning home from Europe.

Client Testimonials

The attention to detail and the quality of the work undertaken by KMC Homes can only be described as excellent. Their site management and programming skills matched the quality of their work. I felt the clients got one of the best built houses in Cork for a very reasonable price, I would highly recommend KMC Homes
J. B Cahill

KMC provided a turnkey solution for my new build dwelling in East Cork. KMC managed the project from conceptual design to completion. The fixed price project was finished on time and on budget. The quality of the finish and attention to detail was excellent. Kieran, and his foreman Jer, are very good to work with.
JR Fitzgerald

The build only took 7 months from the time they broke ground and the quality of work delivered was superb.To date I would say that we are one of the only families I know that enjoyed the process of building our house. KMC Homes make it that easy! I would highly recommend KMC to anyone looking to build.
D. Mulcahy

What are the Benefits of Design & Build for Your New Home?


  • One point of contact for you at all times
  • Your house project is consistently kept on budget by us at your agreed fixed price
  • We guarantee your end date
  • Our market-leading extended design and build warranty service
  • Reduced consultancy fees with full project management included
  • Your money is put to best use at all times
  • Quicker construction and occupancy of your finished home


“Their expertise was incredible and extremely helpful. [our friends] were taken away by the quality of the work and attention to detail”


The 4 Phases of Our Design & Build Process


The 4 Phases of Our Design & Build Process


Architect Design

Outline sketches and outline costings

The aim here is to find the balance between your design and your budget, i.e. your Ideal Design.

Together with the chosen architect, we will present some sketch plan options (outline costed +/- 10%, by our QS, with costed uplift options beyond this) whereupon we agree on the best path forward to your ideal home.
Once we agree on outline plans we can proceed to the next stage.
(Pre-planning application usually happens at this stage if appropriate)

*Architectural design is carried out by 3rd party architects.

Planning Permission

Detailed architectural design and budget alignment of your new home.

We further develop the agreed outline design of your new home seeking the balance between your chosen design, scope of works, specification and your budget.
We produce a 3D Model/virtual walkthrough based on our agreed plans. Once you sign-off this design our QS will run-off a budget estimate (Cost Plan +/-5% with further costed uplift options explored) based on the agreed scheme drawings, outline specification and project scope of works.
Once we have agreed on your Ideal Design we will then be in a position to lodge your application for planning permission.


Project Management (Detailing/Foreman/PM App)

Detailing the drawings for construction, fixed price summary & project schedule

Once planning permission for your new home has been granted the planning drawings will need to be developed further for construction, involving detailing the finishes, cross-sections, plumbing, electrical, ventilation, windows, energy rating & siteworks incl landscaping detail local to the house. We will take you through a series of meetings to ensure you are kept at the centre of all these key decisions for your new home and share an information required schedule to assist you.
The engineer will progress detailed structural analysis and design to complete this process. Again all be kept under review to ensure alignment with your stated budget.
At the end of this stage the building is fully detailed and the contract sum figure is computed. Our Building Agreement (for the Building phase) is proposed ONLY when you have signed-off the drawings and costings and will reflect our construction drawings and fixed price sum as now agreed.


“The process KMC has in place just makes sense, I honestly don’t know why you would do it any other way. We never had to make any big decisions or worry about the schedule, everything was taken care of”


We will introduce you to the foreman for your new home who will be your key on site contact.

We will provide you access to our internal project management application detailing decision dates, Selections (allowances), files/drawings, photos, payments, your account information and of course your construction schedule (Gantt Chart). We will lodge a commencement notice with Building Control (opting out of Building Control Amendment Regulations (additional administration)).


Building & Finishes

We begin building your new home on site and finishes incl kitchen, flooring, tiling, bathroom ware, patio, driveway, kerbs, entrance walls, topsoil grading

Payments for this stage are paid in arrears once certified (externally) by the engineer as per stage payments laid out in our project management program. The process is generally that the external engineer will certify each agreed stage payment and liaise with you/your solicitor who will in turn liaise with your bank.
Our foreman and will be your day to day contact on site and together with our design director there are a series of on site meetings at key intervals of building progression where electrical layouts, stairs design, kitchen detail, floor finishes, decoration, tiling, bathroom details and so on are discussed.
Once complete your building is snagged and certified in compliance with planning permission and building regulations and prepared for occupation. All such certification is carried out by the external Engineer.


Our All-Important After-Sales Service


When your new home is complete we will issue you with a handover file on line including all necessary certification, instruction manuals, opinions on compliance with planning and building regulations and performance data. This sets in motion the beginning of our Gold Star 3 Year Warranty.


“We recently worked with Kieran and his team from KMC homes, and I must say they were so professional, honest, accommodating and above all else patient”