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Are you at the very beginning of a new home build project and wondering how your new design will take shape? Why not view some of our most recent house designs and see what direction some of our recent clients have taken? You can get a sense of the latest in house design and perhaps some inspiration for your new home. All our designs are unique to our customers and your new home design will be unique to your needs and tastes.

Click on the images below to view the complete designs, if you have any queries about our house designs please get in touch.

House Design 1

This wonderful contemporary house was specifically designed to maximise harbour views on an elevated site. The living space on the first floor with a glass balustrade balcony allows for a seamless elevated indoor-outdoor connection and indeed this elevated deck is connected by a land bridge to the upper site. No harbour dwelling is complete without a carport and boat shed which are of course included!

House design 2

Contemporary two storey with butterfly roof and mezzanine floor
This is a chique contemporary house sited in a sub-urban setting with beautiful river views to the South. Design challenges include exploiting outherly views and light at the front as well as dealing with a sloped and confined site. A butterfly roof is designed to provide maximum hear height whilst being mindful of neighbouring houses and planning restrictions.

House Design 3

3 Bed contemporary house

A smart 3 bed house, incorporating a modern interior and open-plan living area with contemporary version of a rural house exterior. An ideal solution for a young couple looking to build in a rural setting.

House design 4

4 bed contemporary house

A slightly larger 4 bed house with modern interior/simple rural exterior design. An ideal solution for a young family looking to build In a rural setting.

House design 5

5 bed contemporary house

A 5-bed version of the modern interior/ simple rural house design best suited for a young families looking to build in a rural setting.

House design 6

4 bed circular house

Uniquely designed house with three wings built around the remarkable central staircase, where beautiful exterior with a fine finish meets exciting, luxurious interior.

House design 7

4 bed contemporary dormer design

Beautifully designed bespoke modern house in a countryside setting suited for those interested in investing in beautiful design and lifestyle.

House design 8

4 bed contemporary house

A spacious 4 bed house that has been specifically designed to take best advantage of southerly aspect and rolling country views. There will be a high ceiling that steps up dramatically internally as you head from the kitchen to to the dining and living spaces in the open plan area.

House design 9

4 bed contemporary house

A smart contemporary house designed to sit proudly into am exclusive serviced park. Much of the plan layout was designed to make best use of views of the harbour to the North East and North West whilst still providing for a private patio to the rear with the benefit of evening sunlight-light.
A major feature of this design is a sweeping stairs (with storage under) and a double height entrance.
4 bed contemporary house design

House design 10

3 bed Mediterranean house 

A one of a kind! The brief was a ‘Tuscany Villa’. This house borrow features more commonly seen in the Mediterranean. We imported the roof tiles and the windows from Europe. We employed four different joinery companies and there are tow different custom cornices fitted.
The living space boasts a 4m high vaulted ceiling.

House design 11

5 bed contemporary bungalow 

A contemporary bungalow which though facing the road to the South creates a wonderful private courtyard making the best of rural views to the South and West. This courtyard is accessed from the spacious and light filled living space with 4m high vaulted ceilings.

House design 12

5 bed large contemporary house 

A spacious home complete with home office. This house boasts 5 double bedrooms and would be ideal for those requiring a roomy house and the facility to work from home which is a growing trend in today’s busy society, achieving the home and work-life balance!

House design 13

4 bed high end contemporary dwelling

A wonderful example of contemporary architecture. This home is  designed for a long site with gentle slope and these aspects are enhanced as features in this design.

House design 14.

5 bed contemporary dormer house

A wonderful rurally themed house designed to create minimal visual impact in a quiet rural setting. Key features include a low roof with contemporary dormer window as well as a plan layout designed to create a private outdoor living space with views to the South West as well as a more public front door entrance to the East. A large walk-in wardrobe has also been designed to offer a potential additional future bedroom
5 bed large contemporary house  design

House design 15.

Contemporary house design

This is a somewhat contemporary house design where the predominant views and light are to the south and west which are to the front of the house in this case. A first floor veranda had been included to take full advantage of the elevation of the site. The house design itself had been carefully crafted to sit into the existing neighbouring mature house design setting.
house builders cork design 15

House design 16.

New house design

This is a virtual walkthrough video of a new home design with West facing front elevation in a suburban setting. Much care has been taken to bring some Southern light into the living space as well as eliminating overlooking concerns. The main building form is simple but the contemporary living space annex to the side adds an architectural flourish

House design 17.

Contemporary house design

This house design was tailored to a particular site in a very open and elevated field where wind shelter, view capture and creating some initial detail on site to set out the beginnings of a landscaping plan were important. The house is essentially two key building forms that are staggered in plan to create a sheltered external patio space facing the rural views link with a flat roofed section. The siting of the building also creates some privacy from the main road.
house builder design 17

House design 18.

Contemporary house design

This is a significant new build home in a suburban location. The design goals included creating a private rear garden since taking in beautiful tranquil rural views and the design theme leans towards the classical particularly at the main entrance porch and at windows and indeed internally. This particular site is also on a flood plain so the building is slightly elevated
new house build

House design 19.

Contemporary house design

This is a wonderful design on a complex site where we needed to balance a variety of rural views with both the topography of the site and the path of the sun. Careful attention was given to the building size and shape so balance the design goals whilst not creating too much visual prominence from the roadside.
wonderful design on a complex site

House design 20.

European house design

If yours is an Alpine type setting then this is the house for you. Set in a woodland area with inner harbour views, this house borrows some European features such as pronounced roof soffits and stone facades which add a timeless theme to this otherwise contemporary styled home. The house is designed to sit in harmony with its mature deciduous neighbours.
house design 20

House design 21.

Classic architectural design

When you need to build a new home in an established neighbourhood your new elevation needs to stand proud in its surroundings. This house leans back to a slightly more classical era whilst still boasting modern finishes and of course heating, ventilation and window systems. Much care and attention is given to maximise spatial flow and quality living and utility space whilst making the best of the southerly rear aspect and private gardens in a mature setting.
classic house architect design 21


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