This week in the Examiner, Kieran McCarthy of KMC Homes provides advice on the pros and cons to choosing a roof light over a dormer window.
Q. I am considering converting my attic but before I speak to a builder or carpenter I’d like to get your views on what is involved in adding a dormer window.

I believe standard skylights are fine but my partner thinks it would be better to add a larger dormer window to give more space and light. Is there a significant additional cost and does it require planning permission?

A. I might start briefly with the attic conversion element, if I may. There are countless attic conversions carried out every day, many many without full consideration of an efficient spatial layout or, even more importantly, integrating the vast array of building regulations that apply.

In many cases, there is much room lost on the existing first floor to get the stairs in place and then the quality of the space achieved in the attic is not a vast improvement on the space lost on the first floor, which naturally comes with a substantial investment. So best to ensure that you get this attic conversion properly designed out and engineered before embarking on this venture.

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